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Whether through a redesign or new website, Survey My Site will make it cost effective to update and maintain your company’s website.

While capturing a customer’s attention is important, you also want to attract the right customers to your website and give them as much—or as little—information as they need to decide.

We begin projects by consulting with you to understand your customers, services and products. We’ll gather information about your company, marketing, competitors and brand in order to create the best content and design. We will incorporate what you stand for and how you do business.

Using a customer mindset, Survey My Site will create a functional and action design for your website, with content directed to your customers and search engines like Google. Developed to appeal to your target market, your website will give options for less or more information as well as an easy way to contact your company to purchase your services or products.

Once changes are made and tested, we follow up to check your website and give you a Style Guide based on your website and marketing design.

Writing/Content – Search Engine Optimization
Website copywriting and copyediting differs from traditional media. Because there is less time to capture attention, content must be direct and speak to and motivate your customers. Content must also speak to search engines like Google, continually changing and helping your website rise in search results.

Survey My Site can develop and integrate online marketing, e-newsletters and blogs. We can also create or update FAQs—answering common questions and making your website work for you. (anchor link, same page to Email Newsletters section)

Similar to the inverse pyramid style of newspapers, Survey My Site writes copy that is vital to your customer, from the top down. By giving options, your customer can easily get more information or move to the next step in your website.

Websites are often the first connection customers have with your company. You want to have a website that reflects your organization’s brand. We can make sure your online presence, including Google products, social media and other marketing is incorporated with your website and stays on message. Too many messages can create confusion, potentially distracting the visitor to locate another company.

To make a great first and ongoing impression to your customers, Survey My Site makes sure there is no disconnect between your website and visitors. Your website will illustrate your company’s image and speak to your customer base.

Testing & Verification
Customers look for websites that are straightforward and companies that make it easy to do business.

Survey My Site checks your website from a customer’s point-of-view. We verify navigation, links and downloads in addition to forms, autoresponders and other features. We test using different screen dimensions, devices and browsers to confirm your website is accessible, functional and available.

To ensure your website is effective on an ongoing basis, we can perform updates. (link to Update page)

Tracking & Monitoring
Creating a benchmark to measure performance is necessary to determine the effect of your marketing and website strategy. Using Google Analytics, Survey My Site helps your company capture and analyze current visitor information to assist you in optimizing your website traffic. This is also helpful in gaging other marketing efforts that lead to your website.

We can provide your website metrics on an ongoing basis, giving you an easy-to-read report containing only vital information.

We can also review and analyze your social media statistics.

The image of your company is at stake when your website has errors, inconsistencies or is out-of-date. Customers may wonder if they’ll be neglected when a company is careless with their website.

Survey My Site uses a method to proofread that includes spelling, punctuation, word usage and consistency of tense, vocabulary and phrases.

Email Newsletters/Campaigns
Because an email to 20 or 20,000 customers requires the same effort, email newsletters and campaigns are a cost-effective way to stay in touch with your customers. Survey My Site can set up email templates, along with a practical schedule for sending information to your database.

We’ll cleanse, streamline and verify your current database to eliminate the frustration of duplicate emails or wrong addresses for your customers. We will continue database management, adding new customers and notify you via reports as requested of email bounces or if someone unsubscribes.

Once your website is renovated, Survey My Site is available to do training for you or your staff to update, monitor and test your company’s website. We coach your staff to better understand and improve the effectiveness of your company’s website based on specific, customer-defined objectives.

Once your website is complete, keep it effective using our update service.

Get started with a customized assessment of your website

Contact us to examine your site and present a written document with customized recommendations for both your visitor’s experience and search engine optimization (SEO). This evaluation includes a 30-minute phone consultation to review the information on the assessment. Learn More

Testing & Verification
Tracking & Monitoring