Some websites attempt to promote a product or service by inundating a prospective customer with several messages. This results in confusion, potentially distracting the visitor to locate another website.


While capturing a customer’s attention is important, you also want to attract the right customers to your website and give them as much—or as little—information as they need to buy.


Using a customer mindset, Survey My Site will create a visual and content action design for your website. Developed to appeal to your target market, the Desired Response Path leads customers through your website, giving options for less, or more, information as well as an easy way to contact your company to purchase your services or products.


Once changes are made, we follow up, check your website to make sure nothing is lost in translation and give you a style guide based on your website parameters.






The image of your company is at stake when your website has errors or is out-of-date. Customers may wonder if they’ll be neglected when a company is careless with their website.


While print media requires at least two sets of eyes, websites require a minimum of three sets of eyes.


Survey My Site uses a 38-point check method that includes spelling, punctuation, word usage and consistency of vocabulary and phrases. We make sure text is current to industry standards and verify your website is up-to-date.






Inconsistencies can appear when multiple staff members contribute to a website. Website copywriting and copyediting differs from traditional media. Because there is less time to capture attention, content must be direct and speak to your customers.


Similar to the inverse pyramid style of newspapers, Survey My Site writes copy that is vital to your customer, from the top down. By giving options, your customer can easily get more information or move to the next step in your website.


We write content to trigger search engines and motivate customers. We specialize in webmarketing, e-newsletters and blogs. We can also create or update FAQs.





Websites are often the first connection customers have with your company. You want to have a website that reflects your company’s traits.


To make a great first and ongoing impression to your customers, Survey My Site makes sure there is no disconnect between your website and your customer. Your website will illustrate your company’s image and speak to your customer base.




Testing & Verification

Customers look for websites that are straightforward and companies that make it easy to do business.


Survey My Site checks your website from a customer’s point-of-view. We verify navigation, links and downloads, corroborating cross-referencing. We test using different screen dimensions and browsers to confirm your website is accessible, functional and available.

We validate:


  • Timing/Loading
  • Client or customer Log-In
  • Certificates, partner logos
  • Intrasite search functions


To ensure your website is functioning on an ongoing basis, we can perform maintenance.




Website Response


When competition is aggressive, especially for return business, you can reassure your customers by being responsive, fair, safe and ethical. To verify accuracy and turnaround, Survey My Site poses as a customer and advises your company of the response time. In addition, we request customer service information and forward answers and acknowledgements for your review. We can test:


  • Contact forms/Autoresponders/Customer Service
  • Unsubscribe/Subscribe features (email and website requests)
  • Shopping cart/Fulfillment
  • Special Offers




To get qualified traffic to your website, Survey My Site implements search engine optimization (SEO) and strategy by developing varied avenues:


  • Email campaigns
  • Viral marketing methods, e.g. article marketing, free giveaways
  • Partnerships/Affiliates
  • Paid advertising
  • Client-specific landing pages/microsites
  • Cross-referencing
  • Internet directories, both community-based (Chamber of Commerce, CitySearch) and worldwide (Web Rings, Alexa)
  • Keywords and Metatags


By defining your customer in relationship to the scope of your company’s product or service, Survey My Site establishes criteria for your company to be the winning choice.


We conduct thorough market research, evaluating and comparing your company and product or service with competitors as well as complimentary organizations. We check the Internet for comments or complaints (blogs, Usenet, BBB, etc.) and make recommendations on how to resolve them.




Web Analytics

Measuring the success of your website is necessary to determine the effect of your strategy. Survey My Site helps your company capture and analyze current web usage information to assist you in optimizing your webmarketing.


We can provide your results on an ongoing basis, giving you an easy-to-read report containing only vital information. Training is available for your staff to assist them in analyzing and understanding web analytics.





Are customers going to your homepage, but no further? Websites need a compelling design that sells your product or service.


Survey My Site gives you website view recommendations that include:


  • Window sizing
  • Fold/Scrolling
  • Format
  • Color scheme
  • Style
  • Background
  • Navigation
  • Font 
  • Headers








To ensure reliability and sustained quality, Survey My Site offers daily, weekly and monthly maintenance services for your website.





Intranet or Intercompany websites

Email can be an inadequate way of getting information to everyone who needs to be current with your company, projects and staff members. Emails may not be delivered, overlooked or an important email address forgotten. An effective and inexpensive way to communicate with your staff and sister companies, these types of websites make sure that the message is uniform. Often these websites are unwieldy for staff to update and are abandoned. Survey My Site renovates and maintains your intranet and intercompany websites to allow fast and simple access.





Database Management

Because sending emails to 20 customers or 20,000 customers costs the same, some companies don’t think it matters if their database is out of control. Sending duplicate emails, not having a current address or input errors can cost you a customer. If your database is out-of-date, doesn’t give you the right information or is unusable, discuss this with Survey My Site.

We’ll be glad to renew and redevelop your current database. We’ll cleanse, streamline and verify your database to conserve you time, money and staff effort. The more you know about your customers, the better your ability to market to them. We may even be able to develop additional target/niche markets for your customers.






Once your website is renovated, Survey My Site is available to do in-house training for your staff to monitor and test your company’s website. We coach your staff to better understand and improve the effectiveness of your company’s website based on specific, customer-defined objectives.