You can’t afford to have a website that looks like it’s been neglected.


Your website is often the first impression a future customer has of your company. Your website also serves your returning customers. To give your company confidence on an ongoing basis that your website is current, functioning and consistent, Survey My Site will monitor your website and make sure it is working properly. This frees up your staff and assures your customers that your company is current, consistent and responsive.




Website Monitoring

We’ll perform periodic monitoring and testing of your website at your specification—daily, weekly or monthly--to ensure sustained quality and presence for your company. Survey My Site will validate that everything works as desired. We’ll test functions on multiple screen sizes, browsers and platforms:


  • b3 Links
  • b3 Downloads
  • b3 Navigation
  • b3 Loading
  • b3 Intra-website search function
  • b3 Site maps


and verify all functions work as desired.




Website Project Management


For active websites that receive additions and changes from multiple staff members, Survey My Site will oversee the updating of your website. We’ll filter materials added or changed and follow up to verify they are correct and as specified. When something is deleted, we will ensure all references are removed.

We also will work with your website team (designers, coders, graphic artists) to create a new website that will resonate with both your target market and Google.


To preserve continuity on your website, Survey My Site will perform a consistency checks including:


  • b3 Copy
  • b3 Graphics
  • b3 Visual design


We’ll alert you when it’s time to make changes and upgrades, so your website doesn’t become stagnant. You’ll receive a schedule and reminders when changes need to be made for:


  • b3 Events
  • b3 Copyright
  • b3 Archive


In addition to your website, we can write, edit, proofread and manage all your marketing collateral:


  • b3 Print Media: brochures, ad copy, newsletters, directories
  • b3 Email campaigns
  • b3 E-Newsletter



Website Customer Service Monitoring


In order to validate that your website, server, autoresponders and customer service departments are responding appropriately and in a timely manner, Survey My Site will pose as a customer. We’ll monitor responses to a pre-designated set of functions and inquires, and create a report to give you results.

We test:



  • b3 Unsubscribe/Subscribe functions
  • b3 Surveys/Forms/Applications
  • b3 Client site log-in
  • b3 Fulfillment of request


Wonder what the public is saying? Survey My Site will check and monitor:


  • b3 RSS feeds
  • b3 Website and Internet blogs
  • b3 Online reviews (Yelp, BBB, etc.)
  • b3 Industry-specific groups and lists


Survey My Site will provide your website statistics. We’ll set up and analyze visitor information:


  • b3 Your website's placement on search engines such as:
  • » Google
  • » Yahoo
  • » Bing
  • b3 Location
  • b3 Link referral
  • b3 Campaign Results


We can also review and analyze your social media statistics.