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About Survey My Site - Website Architecture Since 2007

Survey My Site applies a unique blend of copywriting expertise, customer-based insights and expertise in the latest Google directives to convert your website to deliver results.


You’ve seen them. Websites that are confusing. They don’t give you the information you need. You can’t find the price of an item. They’re full of typos and links that don’t work. Ultimately, you discover no one is watching the store; the website is out of date, “©2003”.


We’ve seen them too. Our first thought when we visit a website like this is: “I’m not sure if I want to do business with this company.” Because if the website is neglected, will they neglect a customer? So, we decided to fix these websites with Survey My Site.


Companies have websites for many reasons. Sales. Lead generation. Information. Image. Or, simply, “I must have a website.” Sometimes a website is an afterthought, delegated to a staff member who has other responsibilities or is unaccustomed to website marketing.


Whatever the reason, Survey My Site can help your company get your website working and stay vigilante to your target market and Google search engine requirements. Our business is to understand your customers and make your website responsive to their behaviors. We have the webmarketing expertise to restructure your website and maximize content—and keep it that way.


We not only analyze your company’s online fit, we experience the way your website is used. From your customer’s point-of-view, we renew the content then structure your website to get the maximum payoff, as you expect from all of your marketing efforts.


Survey My Site partners with your organization to understand your customers and your bottom line. Our website updates are developed exclusively to create an impressive online presence and become your company’s your most profitable marketing asset.


Jill Masters , Founder





About Jill


Customers, clients or membership, Jill lives and breathes customer service. She’s applied her communication and marketing expertise to entertainment, manufacturing, telecommunications, government and travel industries in private, public and non-profit organizations. Her varied background includes business experience on four continents.


Jill develops marketing content based on target market, competition, contact results and historic analysis. Her education and background in journalism is a perfect fit for websites. She accomplishes lead generation and sales strategies by evolving services and solutions to meet customer needs, with a focus on retention and building enduring, long-term relationships.






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